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Training Courses
EQUIPSYS provides a wide variety for training courses for the process industry. The training courses which are from 1 to 10 days long focus on educating process engineers in equipment design theory and practice as well as providing hands-on experience with different applications.
Our courses come with comprehensive manuals and utilize interactive exercises that create real world experience for participants. The experience of our instructors allows participants to ask wide ranging and in-depth questions about the training topics and related industry experiences.

Plant Monitoring Applications

In addition to conventional process design applications, we have ample experience in developing custom-made plant monitoring applications. The monitoring applications can retrieve live or historical plant data, analyze the data and optimize the operation of the entire plant or specific equipment by monitoring critical operating parameters such as actual equipment efficiencies and providing live advisory messages to plant operators and engineers thus improving the performance of individual equipment, minimizing energy consumption, preventing shutdowns, improving product quality and reducing feed/product losses. Please contact us to discuss how our customized applications can help you lower your operating expenses.

Customized Training Courses
In addition to our off-the-shelf training courses, we can offer customized training programs that incorporate all aspects of our training offerings in the fields of refining, gas processing into a customer specific package. Our experienced instructors can work with your staff to customize a training program that fits your specific needs.

Feasibility/Scoping Studies
EQUIPSYS team of process consultants and alliance partners are well respected in their areas of expertise and have been involved with many successful projects worldwide.

We can assist our clients by conducting technology evaluation, feasibility and strategic studies, planning of new facilities and project definition to meet business and strategic objectives, conceptual studies and economic analysis including scope definition, block flow diagrams (BFD), simulation models, process flow diagrams (PFD), preliminary mass & energy balance, preliminary equipment lists, utilities summary and rough order of magnitude cost estimate.

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